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Emergency Preparedness & Response is a program centering on preparedness and training for all public health-related emergencies, such as; pandemic illnesses, terrorism, and natural disasters in collaboration with other local, regional, state, and Federal emergency response agencies.  

Prior planning, education, and training of the public helps a community recover from an emergency more quickly.  

Respirator fit-testing services are available for agencies that require their employees to wear a N95 respirators to protect against respiration droplets according to OSHA requirements. 


Quantatitve and Qualitative Fit-testing equipment is available to "check-out" or the EPR staff may be available to come to your agency to do the fit-testing. Click here to email the EPR staff regarding fit-testing. 


EPR Coordinator

Lexi Nelson

Public Information Officer

Brooke Kirkeide

Image by Jonathan J. Castellon
Three women wearing a yellow hood over their heads, wearing a N95 mask. It is used in a test to test proper fit of N95 mask before they wear it at the place of employment.
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